About Me

HELLO! Welcome To My Blog..

My name is Aniqa and I am a  20 year old ‘beauty influencer’ I guess you could say!

I have always had a huge passion for all things beauty and have been trying out a range of different products for years! I even went through the phase of orange foundation and blue mascara during my early years of secondary school *oops* 

As I grew older, my passion for make-up grew stronger! I was trying out so many new techniques and trends. I then decided to create my very own beauty platform where I can share my love for make-up! A lot of you may know me from my Instagram page @axiqaabeauty that I started in the Summer of 2016.

As my Instagram page grew, I started getting recognised by companies, met so many other amazing influencers, and had a tonne of you guys telling me how much you trust my reviews and recommendations! Now I have this blog just for you! Where I can be totally open and honest about products and show you some of my very own techniques/routines.


Here is just a few other bits you may want to know about me:

Skin Type?

I have dry skin with mild acne and some scarring on my cheeks.

Do You Have A YouTube Channel?

I do! I am planning to upload some videos on my channel this year and we’ll see how it goes. If you want to check out my channel click here

What Camera Do You Use For Your Pictures?

Currently using my Iphone 6s Camera


My Snapchat is ‘axiqaa’ – This is where I ramble on about make-up, food, skincare… literally anything really!

Are You Currently Studying?

Yes! I am a University Student in my 2nd year.




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