Whats On My Vanity? – Storage/Display Options!

Heyyyyy! I am finally back with some blog content and I thought it would be helpful to link all the items I purchased to basically build my dream vanity that fits perfectly in my bedroom. I get so many questions every time you guys see my vanity so here it is! I hope it is helpful. Please note: the prices listed may change overtime.

I have a whole Instagram story going through the storage bits I use for my make-up and how I went about organising and displaying the products! (The story will be highlighted on my Instagram page @axiqaabeauty if you missed it)

Starting off with the basics, the vanity itself. Of course it had to be the Ikea Alex drawers. I binge watched multiple vanity tour/make-up collection videos to find what would be right for me so research is key! The Alex drawers seemed to be the most effective and affordable option in the end and I do not regret it! I bought two of the 5 drawer Alex drawers for each side and bought a separate table top to place on top (also from Ikea) The table tops size is 120 x 60cm. I opted for two of the 5 drawers instead of the one 9 drawer as that was the best option with the space I was working with.

Linnmon Table Top – White – 120 x 60 cm – £15


Alex Drawer Unit – White – 5 Drawers – £55 each


To organise the make-up in the drawers I actually use cutlery tray inserts which fit really nicely in the Alex drawers (smaller ones). I saw a few other YouTubers do this and thought it was such a good affordable idea to keep the drawers organised! Especially with the smaller products such as mascaras, eyeliners, pigments and compacts. These trays are also from Ikea.

Stodja Cutlery Tray – Drawer Insert – White – £1.50


After a few months of accumulating some more make-up (shocker), I needed more storage but I didn’t have any space next to my vanity so I decided to get an ‘Alex Add On’ from ikea which provided 2 more drawers to place on top of my vanity. The length of it fits perfectly on my tabletop and I built it so that the drawers slide all the way out so I can use all the space.

Alex Add On Unit – White – 2 Drawers – £40


Okay so this is the exciting part I guess (it was for me!) My ‘Hollywood Mirror’ – literally the item that put my whole dream vanity together. I get so many people asking about this, mine is from Illuminated Mirrors UK. Again, this was not cheap so a lot of research went into the mirror that would be perfect for my space and vanity sizing.. so it’s time to whip out the tape measures because there are quite a few on the site to choose from! My exact one is listed down below!

Anastasia White Edge Mirror – Aluminium Frame – Daylight Bulbs – £210


The acrylic storage drawers that I like to call my ‘lipstick tower’ as I store most of my lip products in here and they are organised by brand. This storage box sits on the right side of my vanity on top of my Alex Add On!

6 Tier Acrylic Make-Up Storage – EBay – £25


On the left side I have another acrylic storage box which is slightly larger and holds my foundations, liquid illuminators, stick products and other bits and bobs of make-up! This is one that I would highly recommend because it can fit a lot and you can use it to store anything! My mum really liked it too so I bought her one and she holds her jewellery inside it.

Large 6 Tier Acrylic Storage – Ebay – £24.99


On top of my acrylic drawers I have a letter holder which actually displays some of my face palettes.

3 Sector Letter Holder – White – £7.99


Acrylic 24 Lipstick Holder/Display


All the other storage bits on my vanity are from different places that I unfortunately don’t have direct links to but here are a list of shops that I did manage to find them in:

  • 12 slot lipstick holder – Primark
  • 9 slot lipstick holder – Tkmaxx
  • Spinable pot for my eye brushes – Tkmaxx
  • Ceramic heart tray – B&M
  • Crushed velvet chair – Atlantic Shopping

That is everything guys! I really hope that helped – sorry I couldn’t attach any pictures but the vanity tour will be in the highlighted section of my Instagram so you will be able to see everything properly on there! If you can any further questions about these then please feel free to contact me! Thank you for reading <3

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