Cheap eBay + AliExpress Finds!

Here is a range of different affordable/bargain finds from eBay or AliExpress! Links Provided.

Please note that prices may change and I will be updating this post every time I find and receive something new! Happy shopping! 😀

Large Acrylic Storage For Make-Up! – £24.99

• Amazing For Storing Make-Up!

• Tonnes Of Space – Can Double Stack

• Bottom Drawer Is The Largest And The Top Has A Lid You Can Open


Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Masks – £1.10 For 5 Packs!

Reduces Puffiness

Slightly Reduces Appearance Of Dark Circles

Best Time To Use Is Before Sleeping Or While Resting


Lip Masks – 5 Pack For £1.88


Black Head Remover – 3 Step Kit – 70p!


Earring Stand – £6.99


Crinkle Hijabs – 10 Pieces For £20! – 50 Colours To Choose From

Material Is Really Good Quality!

So Many Colours To Choose From


False Eyelashes – £1.72 Each

• Stunning Range Of Styles

• Comfortable To Wear

• Can Be Worn Many Times

• Easy To Apply


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