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Well heyyyy guys! I finally managed to write up a blog post for this week!

As you can tell by the title, this week’s post is all about the Primark Fake Nails, if you have been following my Instagram and Snapchat for a while then you know how much I LOVE these Primark nails! I have literally been wearing these for around 2 years now and I seriously don’t even look at other false nail brands anymore!

I am someone who has never had their nails done at a salon, especially after discovering these false nails that start at only £1!!! I was working one afternoon during Christmas and an elderly lady complimented my nails, she couldn’t believe they were from Primark and she started telling me how she wishes affordable and good quality false nails were around when she was younger; she explained how getting her nails done at the salon weakened her nails and cost her a bomb!

How long do they last and how do I apply them?

For me, these nails last around 5-8 days depending on what I am doing! If you do a lot of work that involves lifting or pulling, or even just more physical ‘heavy duty’ chores around the house, they are most likely to weaken and fall off after a few days but can be glued straight back on! If you’re a little more careful, then these can last you over a week!

It can also depend on how you apply the nails (glue included in all packs), it takes a bit of getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it they only take 10 minuets to apply! It’s important to apply just the right amount of glue onto your nail. I usually squeeze a blob onto the middle then spread it out onto the rest of my nail with the nozzle of the glue, then I press on the nail and hold it on for around 10 seconds. Its easier than it seems! Make sure you have checked which nails will fit onto your real nails and lay them out before applying.

 My experience with these on holiday! 

primark fake nails

I applied these ‘Insta Girl’ false nails
from Primark (Cost: £1.50) the night before I flew out for my 7 day trip to Dubai! To my surprise, these lasted the FULL 7 days!! The reason why I was so amazed was because we did a lot during our time away, things including going to the beach, water park, quad biking and not forgetting all the shopping that we did (that’s basically a sport >.>)

I wasn’t expecting them to last throughout my whole holiday at all! They did scratch up a little but that wasn’t noticeable unless you were up close! I had a really good experience with them on holiday and I think that was down to the strength of the glue and how I applied them.

So why else do I love/recommend the Primark Nails?

SUPER AFFORDABLE! Ranging from £1 to £3.50!
These false nails are found in every single Primark, although if you’re looking for a wider range of styles then the larger stores always have a lot more choice! – and usually are quicker with bringing out the new styles.
I have small nails and the sizing has never been an issue, I have always found a nail that fits all of mine! There’s so many different sizes that come in the pack.
There are so many different styles and colours to choose from! You’d be amazed at what they have to offer.

primark fake nails
One of my favourite styles!

How do I take them off?

Probably the most asked question about these nails! If you’re only planning to wear these for a day, I would say it’s not worth it as it would be pretty difficult to take them off. If after around 4-5 days you decide to remove them, just dip your full nail into nail polish remover for a few minuets and then find a gap between your real nail and fake nail, then just slowly find something to wedge between them and wiggle it off. If the false nails have weakened a little already, then you can skip the dipping part and easily just pop off the false nail.

I have also been asked how to remove the glue off your actual nail. Usually the glue is actually on the false nail when you pop it off but can get stuck on your real nail if you have re-applied in the past few days. The excess glue can be removed with a paper towel soaked in some nail polish remover and applied onto the glue left behind!

Overall, I think Primark has done an amazing job with the quality and pricing on these fake nails! All they need now is some clear ones so we can apply our own colours and styles! If you can any further questions about these then please feel free to contact me! Thank you for reading <3

primark fake nails
Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer ft. Primark Nails


  1. Naj💗 says:

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      hahah girl I LOVE YOU!! thank you for the endless support my love <3

  2. Kay💓 says:

    Amazing review and really helpful advice! 💓💓💓

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      yay thank you so much lovely! <3

  3. Oh my god, they are gorgeus, I’m going to go to my nearest Primark and buy all of them!

    1. axiqaabeauty says:

      haha yasss girl! I hope you love them as much as I do! xx

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