AliExpress Eye-Shadow Palettes!

AliExpress is the place to find some good quality eye-shadow palettes for exceptionally low prices (and other great beauty products too!) However, it’s also a place where you could stumble across some fake products so be wary when shopping on there; fake beauty products is something I will talk about in another blog post!

I wanted to show you the three palettes I purchased and my honest thoughts on each! Some of you guys were going crazy in my dm’s for the link of one of these that I featured on my Instagram so I thought I’d give a more in-depth review and provide you with the links!

If you would like to know a little more about AliExpress then please check towards the end of the post!


Focallure – Twilight Palette

dupe eyeshadow pallete from AliExpress

I just had to start with my favourite out of the three because I am so obsessed with this palette! This first caught my eye due to the shade range, the colour selection is absolutely stunning and has literally every shade you need! What is my favourite thing about this palette? – This palette includes 10 shimmer shades and boyyyyy are they PIGMENTED. I wouldn’t even say these are shimmers, these are just foiled, metallic goodness! For these shades to really pop on your eyelids I would have to recommend using your finger tips! (its worth it I promise!)

The matte shades were also surprisingly easy to work with and the shades ‘Tangerine’ & ‘Amber are perfect transition/crease shades! As of right now this palette is ONLY £5.17 on AliExpress; such an amazing price for 18 shades. I say ‘as of right now’ because prices are always changing, but never by a huge amount!



Beauty Glazed – Glitz Glam Palette

dupe eyeshadow pallete from AliExpress

The palette that you’ve probably seen a few times on Instagram selling for £10+ just with different packaging! Don’t get me wrong, everyone can earn their moneysssss their own way but ya girl is here to save YOUR money, this is only £3.26 on AliExpress (again, prices may change).

Firstly, HOW BEAUTIFUL THOUGH?! This palette includes 5 pressed glitter shades and 5 matte shades. The mattes are really impressive as they feel super buttery and are super pigmented! They blend like a dream and leave little to no fall-out! The glitter shades are pure pressed glitter (so they don’t have that waxy texture). You don’t necessarily need glitter glue when applying these but it would allow them to apply less patchy! – even if you do not have glitter glue on hand, these will still sit on your lids as they are firmly packed in the pan, you would just need to pack it on more with flat synthetic brush or your fingertips so it looks even and glammmmm.



Beauty Glazed – Textured Shadow Palette

dupe eyeshadow pallete from AliExpress

Ok ok, I know what it looks like! I sense ‘judgey’ eyes but let me explain! Obviously this looks very similar to the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette however it is not necessarily a ‘fake’. This company has created a palette that looks almost identical to Huda’s palette but have used their own ingredients/formulas and have stated it on the back of the palette which means you actually know what is going onto your skin. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Huda and her work, plus the Desert Dusk palette is so damn beautiful! However, spending £56 on it really did not justify it enough for me!

So that is exactly why I bought this instead for only £3.45, it allows me to play around with these shades and also review + share it with you guys because I know you guys love a good dupe! This palette includes some stunning transition and crease colours to allow you to create a more everyday eye-look. When I first tried it, I decided to use most of the purple shades as that is the reason why I was so drawn to it. AGAIN, I was so surprised with how well my eye look turned out and how easy it was to do, I got so many compliments on it that day! My favourite thing about this palette is the matte shades!

The only down sides to this palette is that the shimmer shades only have a little shimmer running through them, so they don’t pop as much as the average shimmer shadow would do! (If you get what I mean >.> ). Finally, the glitter shade on the bottom row is quite dry and patchy and would probably only work best with some glitter glue.



What else would you need to know about AliExpress?

How Do I Change The Currency From Dollars To Pounds On The Site?

 I believe you can only do this when you are on a PC/Laptop. On the top right of the page you will see a ‘Ship to/Currency’ tab, then you can change it to your country and currency and shop the site.

How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

This all depends on where your product is being shipped from. If you are ordering any of the palettes above then it will take around 2-4 weeks to arrive!

Will I Get Charged Customs?

Nope! These palettes are shipped from East Asia and they are under £15 so you will not get charged customs.

How Do I Find More Palettes And Dupes On The Site?

If you want to take a look at more palettes on AliExpress, you can just type in ‘Beauty Glazed’ or ‘Focallure’ in the search engine however, you really need to dig through the site when it comes to finding more ‘dupes’ or beauty products and you’ll find some hidden gems for sure! Luckily for you guys, you get a head start with the links provided as all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom on these links to find related items from the same seller and other sellers!

Another tip when shopping on AliExpress is to shop with sellers who have a lot of feedback and reviews on their products! (It would also be good if the reviews included pictures to get a real look at what the product actually looks like in person) All the links provided have a decent amount of reviews!

If you have any other questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below! <3


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